Purview: Suicide of a Student

In December we received the disturbing news of a student ostracized by her teachers in the exam hall. She later went home and committed suicide. Many of the media networks have covered this story and protests were extensive siding with the grieving parents. UNB reported here.

While society as a whole has come out on the side of the parents, there are so many unknowns here. What we do know is that she entered the exam hall with her mobile in the on position. She was caught on the phone and kicked out from the exam. Her parents were also rebuked when they attempted to force the school to allow her to sit for the exam and, most likely, rebuked the teachers for their actions in the hall.

Finally, we know is they went home. Did her parents admonish her for being kicked out and, thus, failing her exam? In what way? Was there a pattern of her parents unduly pressuring her to get A marks?

Do the teachers of Viqrunnisa Noon School have a history of abusive behavior? Has the school been aware and have they taken any actions against these teachers?

Without knowing any of the answers to these questions, how can we jump to a conclusion that only the teachers and the school were in the wrong and are to blame for this child’s suffering to the point of suicide. Could this one incident alone bring this child to the point of suicide? I leave you to think about that.

It is my purview that there is a lot more to this sad journey of Arithri Adhikary before fingers can be pointed.